About Us

Hello and welcome to the wonderful world of Fund to Care. We are proud to be offering you the premier and charity friendly platform for all your crowd funding needs.

At Fund to Care our development and marketing teams have spent the last two years talking with Local charities and Non profits about how we can help in their quest raising money for charity. In conjunction with Bid to Care, we are proud to be able to furnish to you with the most affordable, interactive and powerful crowd funding platform. Let’s face it in today’s world a charities needs are getting harder and harder to fill with the lack of resources and volunteers. Fund to Care wants to become that platform to secure additional funding required to meet specific needs.

Fund to Care’s partnership with Bid to Care also provides the perfect platform for your own personal online charity auctions. This will allow your donors, followers and general public to donate and bid to help your cause. Although other online charity auctions exist, Bid to Care is different in we offer more services for less money. In the pursuit to host your online charity auctions we have put the needs of our customers first. We have provided you with a low cost platform that will launch or solve all your online auction fundraiser needs.

Unlike our competitors, At Fund to Care provides we believe in the honest and affordable approach in helping Charities. Fund to Care is free for use with the Bid to Care platform. Our mission is intended to bring local charities and non-profits together with their local communities. We enable communities to give online charity donations both directly or by furnishing items for auction. By providing all of these charity funding platforms, we make it easy for the donors, pledgers, buyers and the sellers to give in the fashion that serves them best. We firmly believe that it makes us all feel better knowing that we are able to donate, give or volunteer and make a difference where each one of us lives.

So whether you’re a charity for the better of children’s lives or perhaps a proponent of animal rights we invite you to sign up today-invite all your donors and volunteers and encourage them to get involved by donating, shopping, pledging, and caring.