Fund to Care provides a free platform to charities that need to raise money for a specific need. Whether they are looking to embark on a good will campaign or simply want to expand into a new office environment. Large or small post your needs today and spread the word.

BReligious Organizations

We believe that Fund to Care provides an important tool in trying to fund some of those events you try to partake in each year. Whether it is a mission trip to Haiti or perhaps a prolife rally on the Nation capitol this all takes funds that sometimes fall short. Crowdfunding is also great for outreach programs, youth groups and building costs.

CSchool/P.T.O Groups

With so many budget costs today and schools looking to cut extra spending they are faced with tough choices on what to fund and not to fund. Our platform allows the P.T.O’s the opportunity to raise money from their schools and communities to fund much needed projects. Whether it’s a rock wall or new Ipads these are all items that promote good development in our children.

DWhy Get Involved

• Community service is helping people, but also gaining an understanding about each other and a sense of human compassion.

• Part of being a good citizen of a community is spending time in that community and aiding other members - lifting them up just as someone once did for you.

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Community Action: Why Give Back

I believe it is important to give back, and to be involved in community service. As the Founder of the Company, I work to continue to spread the passion of helping the less fortunate and charity, school and religious organizations in the communities where we are. We at Bid to Care/Fund to Care continue to believe that we have a responsibility to help and support the communities where we live and work.

As a passionate leader, I believe I must lead by example. I regularly stop and talk with police departments, fire departments, rescue squads and EMT groups. I feel it is important to reach out to and support these first responders who put service to the community above themselves as a career. For many of our clients, emergency medical personnel were the first people at the scene of their accidents, the first people to give them comfort, and the first people to give them help in their time of sudden need.

Each of our employees are involved in community organizations and community events. We routinely call on each other to support the organizations and causes that we are involved in. For instance, I've been involved with the Child and Family Services organization for a number of years. C.F.S. pairs at-risk youth with foster parents to offer a positive influence in their lives. For many of these children, having a foster parent can significantly impact the paths they take during critical years in their lives.

I've been involved in community service for so long that it's second nature to me. When I think of why it's important to be involved, I scarcely know where to begin to explain how I feel. Where would I be if I didn't get that help? Where can we be if we all help someone else? Get involved today. You'll be glad you did.


  • “Fund To Care is providing a wonderful service to give back to my community.”
    Heather W.